Support my cause and the cause of my family..we want to stay safe..

After the martyrdom of more than 20 people, including 3 women, in one week
Today, Israel is trying to put pressure on the region, especially in Jerusalem..At the same time, the Gaza Strip crossings are closed again..and we are now in the worst conditions. To help the families next to me and help my family, and my husband stopped working because he did not have a document proving that he had received the vaccination.. and now he stopped working due to the closure of the crossings and the difficult economic situation... and I am trying to help my child who suffers from a hearing impairment and needs to buy A stethoscope in order for his condition to improve..and now we are trying to find food because the emergency level has been raised in Gaza..and I need your help and you will stand with me in my plight..I am sending you this matter and I am sick and I want to go to the hospital but I can not go because I do not have enough money .. I hope you will not be upset with me .. I am a mother and I need help .. I hope you will support my cause

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Apr 26, 2022

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