Support my cause and the cause of my family..we want to stay safe..

Today I woke up to the good news that I received a donation from a friend..and I was very happy..suddenly my heart stopped and my tears fell because of the suspension of our PayPal account because it opposes PayPal rights, which is that PayPal does not work in the Palestinian territories..we were not in this the world..
I swear to you, I started hitting my face hard as if I lost one of my children..Paypal account is the only outlet for my work and my is everything in our lives because we see people like you standing with us..
And now to get a PayPal account at this sensitive time, especially I do not know a close war on Gaza and a disease may appear, a new one, we do not know what it is and the closure due to the Corona pandemic.
And I look at my kids when they can't buy Eid clothes and they look at the others who are buying my life stopped today because my Paypal account was suspended
Now I have a small outlet for only a few days. I can use the account of a friend here in the Gaza Strip, and I ask you to give me back my life, my children and my work.
I need to create a Paypal account because the price here is not easy, more than 150 dollars
And buying a headset for my child that will restore life to my child. My child is fine, but he needs this headset to become better. He hears with difficulty and needs to speak because he is over four years old, and the price of this headset exceeds 600 dollars
I swear to you, I am sending this message to everyone and I have hope in life that you will help me to have a safe life and help me with this temporary link and get something to create a PayPal account again
I hope that anyone who sees my message will look at us with an eye of mercy and humanity..which is that we are greatly oppressed and only live to breathe polluted air with the insult of the countries that support the Israeli government in killing Palestinians everywhere.

I hope you can help us with this link

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Apr 26, 2022

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