Please help children in need

Our children need food, milk, clothes and diapers to survive
Al Rowad to help all poor people. All our children need to help you, and our union wants to draw a smile on the faces of people here. In fact, the situation is very bad here, and many families live miserable lives.
Just imagine how these families will spend their lives without a home to live without food, clothing and milk? !!. Children here need to help you make a difference and direct a smile on their faces. We need your donation, to be with us and to be part of this blessed work. We want to help children get their right to life.
Many families are waiting for your help with a lot of hope.
Please consider them part of your family and feel their pain.
Donate any amount and let them smile again. You can be a source of happiness for our children.
Donate to help them get food, milk and clothes.
Please chip in whenever you can!!

Helal Organizer : Temraz
Raised: 0USD
Goal: 3000 USD
percent value: 0 %

Category :- Charity

May 26, 2022

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