Dear friends,
We are Kamila and Göksel and few years ago we started Delicious Poland project in order to give travellers the experience of Polish food and drinks. The idea was born from our passion for food and travel and desire to show our guests Poland and its culture through the local eyes.
We have never dreamed that our side project would turn into a full time job, but after few years of hard work we were able to quit our full time jobs and fully focus on organising culinary tours in Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw with the help of our friends who became guides to show their cities. Organising tours gave us a lot of joy and unforgettable memories- like meeting You- our wonderful guests from all around the world.
We were waiting with a hope and mind with full of the ideas for the next season to begin (summer times are best times for us) Unfortunately, COVID-19 has hit us unexpectedly and we stayed out of the business. We have lost all our bookings and from day to day we have been left with no income and no perspective towards the future. While normal life slowly goes back to normal, it will take months for tourism to get back on track.
Therefore, we decided to create this campaign to cover our costs and support local businesses. Your support will help us to survive this difficult times and stay strong until all this over.
In order to show our appreciation we would like to offer you a virtual cooking class. We will make together famous Polish dish pierogi from scratch. We will contact you in advance what ingredients and equipments during the class.
Every support would be appreciated. Thank you so much for your support.
Stay safe!

Delicious Poland Team

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Jul 04, 2020

Campaign Ended!