Help us bring smiles to the lips of the deprived in Gaza, Palestine, during the holy month of Ramadan

The Palestinian people are still suffering from the repercussions of the Israeli occupation, especially the residents of the Gaza Strip, who are still living under a suffocating siege and a complete closure for more than 12 years, imposed on them by this occupation, which has led to paralysis of all walks of life and an increase in poverty and unemployment rates. The matter worsened due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Gaza Strip and its continuation until now, as many families lost their source of income and became suffering from poverty and hunger, unemployment rates rose to nearly 65% and poverty rates 70%.

At this time, we find a patient dying without medication, a child starving without food, a family that does not have a home to live in, and these families, these children and patients need our support and communication to give them. A measure of happiness and hope to overcome this difficult stage and allow them to live like the rest of the happy families in the world.

The project targets poor families and families with patients who are in dire need of emergency assistance at this stage.

The general objective of the campaign is to provide urgent relief assistance to the most needy poor families in the Gaza Strip and to provide part of the basic needs: vegetable baskets - food parcels - medicines and treatments - children's clothes - meals).

Why did we launch our campaign for the month of Ramadan?

1- The suffering of the residents of the Gaza Strip increased due to the continued siege and the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, as the results of this blockade became apparent to everyone, affecting all walks of life.

2- The urgent need for people, lack of resources, and the inability of many families to meet their basic needs and human rights (food - medicine - housing).

3- Attempting to integrate poor families into society, alleviate their suffering, and give them a measure of happiness in order to lead a decent human life.

With you, we can shoulder our responsibilities in this difficult humanitarian situation.

We invite you to donate and contribute to meeting the most urgent needs in the Gaza Strip, and we look forward to your contribution.

We appreciate your support.

Let's all start with our loving energy to support them and we hope everyone helps, donate or share the campaign across your pages.

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Apr 07, 2021

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