Draw a smile on the faces of the children of Gaza

Hello brother / sister in humanity
We are the (Joy and Joy) entertainment team working in the Gaza Strip and we seek to draw a smile and joy on the faces of children to alleviate the suffering caused by the occupation and its practices against them from being deprived of them, offer gifts to the children of Gaza, and draw a smile on the faces imposed on the Gaza Strip and the shadow of the Corona pandemic (Covid 19)
And this charitable work needs great support, whether moral or material support, so we need you to extend a helping hand to us in providing cash or moral assistance to us by donating to the team account via PayPal or by collecting donations for us through social media or by introducing friends Around the world with the campaign, thank you, and long love you ??

Slam Organizer : Slam
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Goal: 5000 USD
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Category :- Community

Apr 27, 2021

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